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Sendero Energy Services: Proud to be a Part of Texas' Leading Solar Capacity Growth

Texas is once again leading the nation in solar capacity growth and is expected to become a leader in adding battery storage in 2023!

According to a recent U.S. Department of Energy report, Texas will add more utility-scale solar power in 2023 than any other state. The nation's solar capacity has been increasing rapidly since 2010, and this year will continue that upward trend. Of the 54,500 megawatts of electricity generating capacity planned in the U.S., over half is expected to be solar, with 7,700 megawatts planned for Texas alone.

This is excellent news for the Lone Star State, which is emerging as a leader in renewable energy. According to the Energy Information Administration, Texas has grown from just under 1,900 megawatts of solar power to around 15,000 megawatts over the span of just a few years. As the nation's leader in wind power generation, Texas is also expected to add another 2,000 megawatts in 2023.

As Sendero Energy Services supports these wind and solar power projects, battery storage capacity proliferates. The U.S. plans to add 9.4 GW of battery storage this year, with Texas and California accounting for 71 percent of the new battery storage capacity planned. Battery storage systems store excess electricity from wind and solar generators for later use, as both wind and solar are only intermittent sources of electricity generation.

We are witnessing an exciting time in Texas' energy landscape with the state leading in solar capacity growth and embracing renewable energy solutions. As a civil contractor operating in Texas, we are pleased to support this transition by providing our clients with the infrastructure required for a more sustainable future. Our commitment to the growth of renewable energy in Texas and beyond is unwavering, and we look forward to being part of this journey.

About Sendero Energy Services

Sendero Energy Services is a professional services company specializing in civil construction for renewable energy projects across the Southwestern United States. We offer expert earthwork, drainage, and utility services to renewable energy developers and EPC firms in the solar power, windfarm, energy storage, carbon capture, methane capture, and biodiesel sectors. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your next renewable energy project.


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