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Wind Turbines

Civil Construction Services for Wind Energy 

Sendero Energy Services is a trusted partner for wind energy construction. With expertise spanning road construction, turbine site development, substation construction, and more, we specialize in bringing wind energy projects to life.


Our precision excavation and foundation construction ensure stable turbine installations, even in challenging terrain. From establishing collection line right-of-ways to implementing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), our commitment to environmental compliance and sustainability is unwavering.


Choose Sendero for comprehensive solutions that pave the way for success in wind energy construction.

Our Expertise

  • Road Construction: Expertise in building access roads to turbine sites, ensuring smooth transportation of equipment and personnel.

  • Turbine Site Construction: Construction of turbine foundations, excavation, and backfilling to support the installation of wind turbines.

  • Substation Site Construction: Construction of substations to manage and distribute electricity generated by wind turbines, ensuring efficient power transmission.

  • Foundation Excavation, Construction and Backfill: Precision excavation, construction, and backfilling services to create stable foundations for wind turbines.

  • Rock Mesa and Foundations: Specialized techniques such as hammering, drilling, blasting, and crushing to prepare foundations on rocky terrain.

  • Collection Line Right of Ways and Reclamation: Establishment of right-of-ways for collection lines and comprehensive reclamation of project sites post-construction.

  • SWPPP, Soil Stabilization and Complete Site Reclamation: Implementation of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), soil stabilization measures, and complete site reclamation, including seeding and erosion control, to ensure environmental compliance and sustainability.


National Renewable Energy Developer

"When it comes to safety and quality, Sendero goes above and beyond. Their crews deliver cost-savings, decreased downtime, and improved operations for our projects."

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