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Drainage & Utilities for Renewable Energy

Sendero Energy Services excels in providing essential Drainage and Utilities services for sustainable infrastructure. Our expertise includes advanced water management systems and seamless utility installations. With meticulous planning and precise execution, we deliver functional, durable, and environmentally compliant solutions for every project.


  • Stormwater Management: Expertise in designing and implementing effective stormwater management systems to prevent flooding and ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Utility Infrastructure Installation: Proficiency in installing utility infrastructure, including electrical, water, and sewer systems, to support the operation of renewable energy projects.

  • Drainage System Design and Installation: Specialization in designing and installing drainage systems tailored to project specifications and optimizing water flow and erosion control.

  • Culvert Installation and Maintenance: Experience in installing and maintaining culverts to facilitate the passage of water under roads and access points, ensuring uninterrupted site access.

  • Erosion Control Measures: Implementation of erosion control measures such as erosion blankets, riprap, and vegetative stabilization to protect project sites from soil erosion.

  • Utility Coordination and Integration: Coordination with utility providers and integration of utility systems into project designs to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Adherence to regulatory standards and requirements governing drainage and utility installations, ensuring project compliance and environmental protection.

  • Sustainable Solutions: Commitment to incorporating sustainable practices and materials in drainage and utility projects to minimize environmental impact and promote long-term sustainability.

Multinational Oil & Gas Corporation

"Sendero Energy Services provided such a fine level of workmanship while delivering both phases of our project prior to the scheduled completion date and within budget – a tribute to their skills and dedication to construction excellence."

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