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Civil Construction Services for Energy & Battery Storage (BESS)

Sendero Energy Services provides solutions for energy storage projects, helping clients harness the power of battery storage technology to enhance grid stability and maximize renewable energy utilization. 

Our team offers expertise in all aspects of BESS construction, from site assessment and design to installation and commissioning. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, we help clients implement reliable energy storage solutions that support a resilient and efficient energy infrastructure.

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of battery storage technology and contribute to a more sustainable energy future. Contact us to learn how our BESS solutions can benefit your project.

Our Expertise

  • Foundation Installation: Expertise in constructing sturdy foundations for energy storage systems, such as battery storage arrays or pumped hydro storage facilities, to ensure stability and durability.

  • Infrastructure Development: Specialization in developing supporting infrastructure, including access roads, containment structures, and electrical systems, to facilitate efficient energy storage project operation.

  • Equipment Setting: Expertise in setting up and installing energy storage equipment, including batteries, pumps, turbines, or other components, ensuring proper alignment and functionality within the energy storage system.

  • Quality Assurance: Implementation of rigorous quality control measures throughout the construction process to ensure the reliability and longevity of energy storage installations.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Adherence to regulatory requirements governing energy storage construction projects, including environmental permits and safety regulations.

  • Safety Protocols: Commitment to maintaining a safe working environment for all personnel through comprehensive safety training and adherence to industry best practices.


National Renewable Energy Developer

"When it comes to safety and quality, Sendero goes above and beyond. Their crews deliver cost-savings, decreased downtime, and improved operations for our projects."

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