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Sendero Energy Services Crushes Financial Standing Assessment Achieving High Score in Fiscal Fitness

Sendero Energy Services, a nationally recognized civil contractor specializing in renewable energy infrastructure, has recently received a Contractor Score rating of 963 from the leading independent financial assessment agency in the construction industry. This places Sendero Energy Services at the top of the "Good" category, affirming our financial stability and low risk of project default.

The Contractor Score certification is an objective and practical tool that helps project owners, general contractors, and stakeholders assess a contractor's financial and workforce capacity to mitigate potential risks on any given job.

Grant Gilbert, the President and CEO of Sendero Energy Services, stated, “The Contractor Score designation is a testament to Sendero Energy Services' commitment to financial responsibility and stability. We are proud to be in a solid financial position, which allows us to continue to invest in our business and deliver exceptional results to our clients."

Contractor Score LLC calculates the Contractor Score rating. It measures critical aspects of a contractor's short-term liquidity and management capacity based on objective calculations of verified data without subjectivity or bias. The rating emphasizes liquidity, working capital, leverage, and profitability of the existing backlog related to the most recent fiscal year and a fiscal quarter.

With a Contractor Score rating of 963, Sendero Energy Services has demonstrated exceptional financial strength, stability, and excellence, indicating our past and future successes.

For more information about our strengths and experience, visit our Services page.


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