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Embracing the Renewable Energy Revolution: Key Findings from Reuters Events' Energy Transition Study

As a leading civil contractor in the renewable energy sector, Sendero Energy Services is committed to driving the sustainable energy revolution forward. We are pleased to present the latest insights from Reuters Events' Energy Transition Study, which surveyed over 1,100 energy and industrial stakeholders. This study sheds light on the current state of the energy transition, the rising prominence of renewable energy sources, and the investment priorities shaping the industry's future. Join us as we explore the study's key findings and understand how they reinforce our commitment to a greener, more sustainable energy landscape.

1. A Clear Path Towards Sustainability:

The Energy Transition Study presents an optimistic outlook for the energy sector, with a growing consensus on the viability of renewable energy sources. Renewable energy, including solar, wind, and geothermal, is now recognized as a driving force in transitioning to a sustainable future. This finding aligns perfectly with Sendero Energy Services' core mission of promoting and supporting clean energy solutions in all our projects.

2. Investing in the Future:

For a successful energy transition, strategic investments play a pivotal role. According to the study, stakeholders prioritize renewable energy projects, grid modernization, and energy storage initiatives. At Sendero Energy Services, we understand the importance of these investments in accelerating the adoption of renewable energy and ensuring a more reliable and resilient energy infrastructure.

3. Collaborative Efforts for Greater Impact:

The study emphasizes collaboration among all stakeholders, including governments, private sector entities, academia, and NGOs. A unified approach is essential to overcome challenges and drive innovation in the renewable energy sector. Sendero Energy Services is committed to fostering partnerships that promote knowledge-sharing, technological advancements, and effective project execution for a sustainable future.

4. Navigating Policy and Regulation:

The Energy Transition Study recognizes the crucial role of policy and regulatory frameworks in shaping the energy landscape. Stable and supportive policies provide long-term certainty for investors and industry players. Sendero Energy Services advocates for clear and progressive policies that encourage renewable energy adoption and facilitate the transition to cleaner energy sources.

5. A Call to Action:

The study's findings are a compelling call to action for all energy stakeholders. It is evident that the transition to renewable energy is not just an option; it is an urgent necessity. As a responsible civil contractor, Sendero Energy Services is committed to taking bold steps in embracing renewable energy solutions, reducing carbon footprints, and contributing to a sustainable future for generations to come.

Key Messages for Energy Professionals:

The Energy Transition Study's early-release findings highlight critical messages for energy professionals. While 69% of respondents recognize the imperative nature of decarbonization and the energy transition in their long-term strategic direction, less than half have implemented energy transition strategies. However, over three-quarters (76%) of respondents have developed an energy transition strategy, reflecting the industry's commitment to change.

The study indicates that long-term business strategy is the leading reason for developing energy transition strategies. Respondents also identified growth potential and market competitiveness as key drivers, highlighting the significant business benefits of embracing sustainable practices.

In terms of investment priorities, renewable energy projects top the list, selected by 29% of respondents as their priority. Additionally, investments in alternative fuels, such as hydrogen and biomass, were identified by 23% of respondents. Reducing carbon intensity of existing operations was a priority for 33% of respondents, showcasing the growing focus on sustainability measures.

When it comes to investment destinations, solar PV took the lead in the last 12 months, with 34% of respondents choosing it as their primary investment technology. Looking ahead to the next three years, energy storage emerges as the top investment destination, with 38% of respondents indicating it as a critical focus area.

Top Areas of Investment in the Next Three Years

Top Areas of Investment

Moreover, 71% of respondents expect revenues from non-fossil fuel sources to increase over the next three years. Currently, 41% of respondents indicated that clean energy sources contribute between 0 to 20% of their overall revenues, with 14% expecting clean energy to contribute between 60 to 100% of their revenues in the future.

Regional considerations also play a role in the energy transition. About 31% of respondents stated that their businesses implement energy transition strategies differently based on regional variations. This reflects the need to tailor approaches to accommodate regional differences in strategy and policies.


The findings from Reuters Events' Energy Transition Study serve as an inspiration and a call to action for Sendero Energy Services and all energy professionals. They reaffirm our belief in the potential of renewable energy and the urgency of embracing sustainable practices. As we continue to lead in the renewable energy sector, we invite our partners, clients, and peers to join us in charting a greener, more sustainable energy landscape to benefit the planet and future generations. Together, let us embrace the renewable energy revolution and strive for a brighter, cleaner, and more prosperous future.

Download the full report.


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