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Powering the Future: Clean Energy Investments in America

The world is increasingly turning to clean and renewable energy sources to ensure a sustainable energy future. With climate change posing a significant challenge, clean energy investments are more important than ever in driving positive change. The American Clean Power Association (ACP) has just released its latest report, "Clean Energy Investing in America," which provides valuable insights into the state of clean energy investments in the United States.

At Sendero Energy Services, we are committed to contributing to the sustainable energy movement as a leading provider of civil construction solutions for renewable energy projects across the Southwest. As members of ACP, we are eager to explore this report's groundbreaking findings and implications, which you can access in full here.

The Growing Significance of Clean Energy Investments

Clean energy investments have been experiencing a significant upswing in recent years, as highlighted in the ACP report. Here are some key takeaways:

Diverse Portfolio

The report emphasizes the diversity of clean energy investments. From solar power and wind farms to energy storage, carbon capture and methane capture, and biodiesel sectors, investors have an array of opportunities to support sustainable energy projects.

83 new clean energy manufacturing facilities in 2022

Record-Breaking Investments

The report reveals that clean energy investments in the United States reached unprecedented heights in 2023, demonstrating the increasing recognition of renewable energy sources as essential tools in the fight against climate change.

Over $270 billion of investments announced for clean energy projects and manufacturing facilities

Infrastructure Development

As a leading provider of civil construction solutions for renewable energy projects, Sendero Energy Services understands infrastructure development's pivotal role in project success. The ACP report emphasizes the need for robust infrastructure to facilitate the growth of clean energy, including site preparation, foundation construction, and utility installation.

Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability is at the core of clean energy investments, and the ACP report highlights the importance of responsible environmental management, such as erosion control. This aligns with Sendero Energy Services' commitment to delivering excellence while minimizing our environmental footprint.

Access Roads and Earthwork Management

The report recognizes the significance of access road construction and efficient earthwork management in renewable energy projects, essential for ensuring the accessibility and smooth operation of clean energy facilities.

Job Creation

Clean energy remains a significant contributor to job creation in the United States, which aligns with Sendero Energy Services' commitment to sustainable energy and economic growth.

Contributing to a Greener World

Sendero Energy Services is proud to be part of an industry actively contributing to a greener world. The ACP report reinforces the idea that clean energy investments are financially rewarding and have a profound and positive impact on our planet.

Exploring ACP's Insights Further

In addition to the comprehensive report, ACP offers an interactive website dedicated to the "Investing in America" report, which provides readers with interactive data visualizations, sector-specific analysis, and valuable resources for potential investors. You can explore the interactive website here.


The "Clean Energy Investing in America" report by the American Clean Power Association provides hope for those committed to building a sustainable energy future. It not only highlights the impressive growth of clean energy investments but also underscores the critical role of comprehensive civil construction solutions, such as those offered by Sendero Energy Services, in realizing these ambitions.

As we navigate the complexities of transitioning to clean energy, it is clear that every stakeholder has a vital role to play in achieving our shared goal of a greener, more sustainable world. Through our specialized focus, extensive experience, and unwavering dedication to a sustainable energy future, Sendero Energy Services will continue to exceed client expectations and contribute to this important mission.

We invite you to delve into ACP's report, explore its interactive website, and review the press release for a comprehensive understanding of America's clean energy investment landscape. Together, we can make a significant difference in shaping a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future for generations to come.


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