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Methane Capture Civil Construction Services

Methane emissions contribute significantly to global warming and climate change, with a greenhouse effect that is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide. As a responsible player in the renewable energy industry, Sendero Energy Services recognizes the environmental benefits of capturing and destroying these emissions. We also believe that these benefits can be increased manifold by utilizing the captured methane as renewable energy to offset the use of natural gas or coal-fired power generation.

Sendero Energy Services is committed to helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals by providing innovative solutions that positively impact the planet. To help our customers control methane emissions, we offer practical and effective civil construction solutions. We use the latest equipment and technology to ensure efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly solutions. Our team of experts leverages their extensive experience and knowledge to provide customized services tailored to meet each client's unique needs.

National Renewable Energy Developer

"When it comes to safety and quality, Sendero goes above and beyond. Their crews deliver cost-savings, decreased downtime, and improved operations for our projects."

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