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Civil Construction Services for Methane Capture

Our team of industry experts excel in deploying innovative civil construction techniques to capture and repurpose methane emissions from various sources, including landfills, agricultural operations, and wastewater treatment facilities.


With expertise in site assessment, infrastructure development, and project management, we offer solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each methane capture project. Through our commitment to environmental sustainability, we help clients mitigate methane emissions and create a cleaner, greener future.


Partner with us to lead the way in methane emission reduction efforts and contribute to a healthier planet for generations to come. Contact us to discover how our methane capture civil construction services can support your sustainability goals.

Our Expertise

  • Site Assessment and Preparation: Conducting thorough assessments to identify suitable sites for methane capture projects and preparing sites for construction activities.

  • Infrastructure Development: Specializing in the development of methane capture infrastructure, including biogas facilities, digesters, and storage systems, to effectively capture and utilize methane emissions.

  • Biogas System Installation: Expertise in installing biogas collection systems and equipment to capture methane emissions from agricultural, industrial, or landfill sources.

  • Pipeline Construction: Proficiency in constructing pipelines to transport captured methane to processing facilities or distribution networks for beneficial use or storage.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and permitting requirements governing methane capture projects, including emissions monitoring and reporting.

  • Safety Protocols: Implementing comprehensive safety protocols and procedures to protect personnel and mitigate risks associated with methane capture construction activities.

  • Monitoring and Maintenance: Establishing monitoring programs and conducting regular maintenance to ensure the efficient operation and effectiveness of methane capture systems over time.


National Renewable Energy Developer

"When it comes to safety and quality, Sendero goes above and beyond. Their crews deliver cost-savings, decreased downtime, and improved operations for our projects."

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