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Sendero Energy Services Drives BESS Innovation as a Top Civil Contractor in Texas

Powering Texas' Future with Cutting-Edge Battery Storage Solutions

Battery Energy Storage System

Texas has rapidly emerged as the leading market for grid battery storage in the United States, driven by its unique energy market and favorable conditions. Sendero Energy Services is at the forefront of this revolution, leveraging the state's growth to enhance renewable energy solutions.

Why Texas Leads in Battery Storage


Free-Market Dynamics and ERCOT


  • Texas operates under the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), a deregulated energy market that allows for swift investment and deployment of battery storage without the bureaucratic hurdles seen in other states.

  • The ability to quickly integrate new projects makes Texas an attractive destination for energy storage developers.

Abundant Resources and Strategic Location


  • Texas offers plentiful and affordable land, which is ideal for large-scale battery installations.

  • The state’s vast renewable resources, particularly in wind and solar, create a high demand for energy storage to balance supply and demand.

Economic and Environmental Benefits


  • Battery storage helps stabilize the grid during peak demand, reducing the risk of blackouts and lowering electricity costs.

  • It supports the transition to a cleaner energy grid by storing excess renewable energy for use during non-productive periods.

Recent Milestones in Texas Battery Storage


  • On April 28, Texas' grid batteries injected a record 2 gigawatts of power to prevent a potential blackout, showcasing the crucial role of battery storage.

  • By May 8, this record was surpassed with 3 gigawatts of battery power, underscoring the rapid growth and scalability of the technology.

ERCOT, May 8
Just before 8 p.m. on May 8, ERCOT batteries supplied a record 3 gigawatts of power to the grid, effectively managing the evening demand as solar generation decreased. (Grid Status)

Expanding Capacity


  • Texas is expected to double its battery storage capacity in 2024, potentially reaching up to 11 gigawatts.

  • This expansion will not only support grid stability but also enhance the efficiency of renewable energy utilization.

Market and Policy Considerations


  • While the free-market approach has driven growth, the evolving political landscape may introduce new challenges and opportunities for storage developers.

  • Continued investment in longer-duration batteries will be key to meeting the state's increasing energy demands and ensuring grid resilience.


Sendero Energy Services and Texas' Booming BESS Market


Sendero Energy Services is committed to capitalizing on Texas' leadership in battery storage, contributing to a more sustainable and reliable energy future. By harnessing the power of innovative storage solutions, we aim to support the state's ambitious renewable energy goals and drive forward the transition to a decarbonized grid.

Earthwork & Site Preparation

  • Clearing & Grubbing: Preparing the site by removing vegetation and debris.

  • Grading & Leveling: Ensuring the land is even and suitable for construction.

  • Soil Excavation: Removing soil to create foundations and infrastructure.

  • Pad Preparation: Establishing stable bases for battery systems.

  • Soil Stabilization: Enhancing soil strength for long-term stability.

Drainage & Utilities

Structural Concrete

Pile Driving

Equipment Setting

Ancillary Civil Work

Professional Services

Project Management

Our Active BESS Projects

We are currently involved in several high-profile BESS projects across Texas and the Southwest. These projects are critical in providing grid stability and supporting the integration of renewable energy sources. By leveraging our extensive experience in civil construction, we ensure that each project meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Anole BESS in Seagoville, Texas

A 240MW BESS project enhancing grid reliability and supporting local renewable energy integration.

Scope of Work:
  • Earthwork: Preparing the project site to meet required specifications.

  • Clearing and Grubbing: Ensuring a clean slate for seamless construction.

  • Roadway Construction: Building essential access roadways.

  • Mass Cut and Fill: Shaping terrain for optimal functionality.

  • Equipment Setting: Positioning and securing all necessary components.

Longbow BESS in Liverpool, Texas

Crowned Heron BESS in Richmond, Texas


Partner with Renewable Energy Civil Contractor Sendero Energy Services


As Texas continues to expand its energy storage capacity, partnering with a trusted and experienced civil contractor like Sendero Energy Services can ensure the success of your next project. For developers, EPC firms, and energy companies looking to invest in the Texas energy storage market, partnering with us offers several benefits:


Proven Track Record

Sendero's active involvement in multiple BESS projects across the Southwest demonstrates their capability and reliability.

Specialized Expertise

With deep knowledge in civil construction for energy storage, Sendero ensures high-quality and efficient project execution.

Strategic Location

Based in the Southwest, Sendero is well-positioned to support projects throughout Texas and neighboring states, leveraging regional knowledge and resources.

For more information on how Sendero Energy Services can support your BESS and other renewable energy projects, contact Lauren Joerg at



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