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Sendero Energy Services: Building a Sustainable Texas with Solar Power Infrastructure

In the vast expanse of the Texas landscape, a transformation is underway, promising a brighter, more sustainable future. At the heart of this change is Sendero Energy Services, a leader in renewable civil contracting, specializing in earthwork, drainage, and utilities for solar farm projects. In a recent article titled "Solar Delivers for the Texas Grid," the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) highlights the success of solar power in Texas. In this blog article, we delve into how Sendero Energy Services, with our expertise and dedication, is a driving force behind Texas' renewable energy revolution.

Solar Power's Steadfast Reliability:

The IEEFA article spotlights the remarkable consistency and reliability of utility-scale solar power during peak demand hours in Texas. For 91 out of 93 days between June 15 and September 15, 2023, solar energy provided over 10 percent of peak electric demand—a testament to the reliability and predictability of this sustainable energy source. This data is a powerful rebuttal to the argument that renewables lack dependability.

Texas Solar Generation During Peak Electricity Demand Hour

Sendero Energy Services, A Key Contributor:

Sendero Energy Services is a linchpin in achieving this reliability. With our expertise in earthwork and site prep, drainage and utilities, structural concrete, and ancillary civil work for solar farm projects, we've been instrumental in expanding solar capacity in Texas. Utility-scale solar delivered an impressive 3.9 million megawatt-hours each month during July and August 2023, representing approximately 8 percent of the state's electricity demand. This significant growth in solar generation would not have been possible without the invaluable contributions of construction companies like Sendero Energy Services.

Meeting Record-Breaking Demand:

Texas experienced record-breaking electricity demand this summer, setting new peak power consumption records. On August 10, 2023, the grid required an astounding 85,464 megawatts, up 6.6 percent from the previous record set in 2022. On that day, solar generation produced 10,435 megawatts, nearly half of the additional power required, underscoring the significance of solar energy in Texas' energy landscape.

Solar Generation in Texas, Growing Fast

The Power of Battery Storage:

In addition to solar energy, the article also underlines the growing influence of battery storage on grid stability. Sendero Energy Services has been actively involved in this transformation, witnessing a surge in installed battery storage capacity in Texas. By the summer of 2023, total battery storage capacity had surpassed 3,500 megawatts, starkly contrasting the less than 300 megawatts recorded in 2020. This growth in battery capacity has played a pivotal role in ensuring grid stability and preventing potential rolling blackouts.

A Bright Future for Solar and Storage:

Sendero Energy Services continues to lead the charge toward a more sustainable future. According to ERCOT estimates, Texas is poised to witness an additional 7,000 megawatts of new solar capacity and 10,000 megawatts of storage capacity in operation by June 2024. These highly predictable and reliable resources are set to provide low-cost electricity throughout the day, particularly during peak demand hours when needed most.


To explore Sendero Energy Services' capabilities and vast experience in renewable civil contracting, earthwork, drainage, utilities, structural concrete, and more for solar farm projects, visit our website:

Experience firsthand how we are shaping the future of sustainable energy and contributing to a cleaner, more resilient, and dependable energy grid in Texas and beyond. Contact us today, and let's build a brighter, greener tomorrow!



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