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Sendero Energy Services Welcomes Safety Expert Felix Carrillo as Safety Director

Sendero Energy Services proudly introduces Felix Carrillo as our new Safety Director in a significant stride toward fortifying our commitment to safety excellence.

Felix Carrillo

With over 40 years of extensive experience in the civil construction, chemical, and oil and gas industries, Felix is a seasoned safety professional with a remarkable track record.


Sendero Energy Services is a beacon in the professional services realm, specializing in civil construction with a focus on earthwork, drainage, and utilities. As we contribute to a sustainable energy future, Felix’s appointment is a strategic move to enhance our safety practices across various sectors, including solar, wind, energy storage, carbon capture, methane capture, biofuel, and brownfield remediation.


Expertise and Certifications that Speak Volumes


Felix’s brings a wealth of experience to Sendero Energy Services. His comprehensive understanding of safety procedures is underlined by an impressive list of certifications, including OSHA 30 Construction, OSHA 10 Construction, OSHA 510, OSHA 500, and several others.


His certifications extend to health hazards in construction, confined space, trench and excavation safety, scaffold competent person, and much more. Holding a TWIC Card adds an extra layer of security expertise to his already impressive skill set.


In addition to his certifications, Felix boasts fluency in both English and Spanish, a linguistic prowess that enhances communication across our diverse teams, fostering a culture of safety that transcends language barriers.


Noteworthy Roles: Federal Oversight and Large-Scale Project Management


One standout chapter in Felix's illustrious career is his tenure as a Field Safety Representative at the Pantex Facility in Amarillo, Texas. This role, within the federal government, showcases his exceptional leadership in fostering a culture of safety and ensuring compliance with stringent safety regulations.


As a Project Safety Manager at Tecta America, Felix played a pivotal role in training employees, investigating safety incidents, and managing safety plans to enhance overall workplace safety. His experience as the Owner and Safety Manager at Arko Roofing & Remodel showcased his ability to lead, oversee, and maintain high-quality and safety standards in roofing projects.


A Vision for Safety Excellence in Renewable Energy Projects


As Sendero Energy Services continues supporting renewable energy projects, Felix's leadership will play a pivotal role in elevating safety standards. His track record of overseeing safety programs, conducting audits, and ensuring compliance with OSHA standards positions him as a key player in our pursuit of excellence in civil construction safety.


We extend a warm welcome to Felix, confident that his wealth of experience will contribute to shaping a safer, more secure future for our teams and projects. Together, with our renewed focus on safety and sustainability, we look forward to building a brighter, more resilient future for the energy sector.

Learn more about our safety culture here.

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